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Smithiana special publications


Smithiana Special Publications

Smiths and theri dog Marlin The publication series (Monographs, Bulletins & Special Publications) of SAIAB (formerly the JLB Smith Insitute of Ichthyology), honours James Leonard Brierley Smith and Margaret Mary Smith with the name Smithiana, in recognition of their many years of devoted service to African aquatic biology.

Their life’s work, a team effort, established modern ichthyology in southern Africa and laid the groundwork for the expansion of aquatic biology throughout the region.

Smithiana Special Publications were originally published for relatively short research papers in place of JLB Smith Institute Special Publications. When the Smithiana Bulletin was changed into a multi-paper journal, the Special Publication series was suspended.

The resurrected ‘Special Publications’ series has run to three issues to date, and its purpose is to make available reports, surveys and similar work that fall outside the ambit of a research paper, but which contain valuable information that should be made accessible.

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